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The Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts, LLC is an organization dedicated to the advancement of jewelry studies. It is also committed to the dissemination of knowledge to anyone who is interested in the history of jewelry. ASJRA takes a broad approach to the subject, seeking to understand and place jewelry within a variety of contexts, including from the ancient past to present day, the decorative arts, and fashion.

Photo courtesy Tadema Gallery, London
To achieve its mission, ASJRA does the following:

(1) Publishes the magazine Adornment three times per year, delivered in PDF format. The emphasis is on new research in the field and jewelry events throughout the world.

(2) Sends associates a bi-monthly online newsletter about jewelry news delivered as a downloadable PDF.

(3) Sends an original book on the archives of a master jeweler or
a fashion designer to its member published exclusively for ASJRA.

(4) Organizes an annual conference as a forum for curators, historians, researchers, and artists to present new and interesting information about jewelry. ASJRA also is intent on offering young scholars an opportunity to present their research at the conference.

Anyone who is interested in jewelry will enjoy attending the conference. It's a chance to learn and network with people who collect, appraise, study and research jewelry history.

(5) Runs special events and trips for ASJRA members.

(6) Encourages the inclusion of courses in jewelry history at the college and graduate level for both applied jewelry students and decorative arts majors and seeks to aid institutions in that pursuit.

(7) Promotes the development of study programs for jewelry design and jewelry history students at museums.

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